Drawn together

Drawn together, by god's hand
canvas weathered, with black clouds on foreign land
placed on parchment in the darkness
the line is thin from me to you, each other's mind paint the others dreamscape

drawn to you, the flip book of life brings us ever closer as every moment pass
each page bookmarked and in immediate view, I pray always my spine hold from the load placed on you
on the margin of binding, my words find a way as the loose leaf turns with the wind

god's diary accompanied by doodles, he drew the most beautiful woman today
different time and place, but both are relevant and crucial
my soul burns like oil paint
our intensity mirrored, same shade

the gravity of the situation, draws me out
withdrawn, I let down the drawstrings
her love and reperation makes my destination lost and found
pulling me close, your singularity collapse and your light unleash
phototaxis impeach, my entire universe leaks and she's all i see
time has one constant and it's my love right before me


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