Sitting by the river on an old bench behind an abandoned church

Our secret spot for my punk and I to witness the changing season in the colours of the leaves and identifying the signs of the new season where we shared our fears and dreams

Ate junk food and laughed even though the reality of our life was a mess

And I didn’t let it show I told my baby-girl we were on vacation when we were homeless

Then we moved our gypsy behinds to live with GiGi, Michael and Ammie

We found frogs. Butterflies, witnessed hummingbirds, deer and hawks taking long walks by the pond

And I was picking up trash often in the city, too I enlisted my child to clean up our streets in the country for we love mother earth and without her we wouldn’t exist

We drove all around Massachusetts visiting everyone and I called it making my rounds, check ins for people I know that are talented, beautiful and worth it.

I speak with the wind I know and see your true colours

I miss those days and it hurts

Play dates and graffiti nights like when I let my punky spray paint my car and furniture

Canvas after canvas; poem after poem

Under the christmas lights after story time I sang you are my sunshine every night

When everything was alright, because we were protected and I was learning to control my psychic eyes and I hear you inside because our family is torn apart

I am sorry baby girl, it breaks my heart

-Forevermore xx Mommy



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Jason Bayliss

Wed 6th Mar 2019 11:04

Beautiful, sad and beautiful!

J. x

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