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A really bad day...


I got up really early, the sun was in the sky
I thought "i'll do the laundry,i'm bound to get it dry,
I sorted out the lights and darks, and put the first load in
It washed it and it rinsed it, but then refused to spin.

In anger and frustration, I opened up the door
the water left the washing and drowned the kitchen floor.

I went to make a coffee and the kettle blew a fuse
The knob fell off the radio so couldn't hear the news

Dragged wet washing to the garden, headache pounding in my brain
I hung the last sock on the line.....and it pissed it down with rain.


Do they know it.s Christmas ►


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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Dec 2019 22:25

Eth?.....You say Po went to school?....

Yes luv, why do you ask?....

Hasn't he spelled spelt wrong?....

Now you've confused me pet.....

Just asking Eth?......

A good sign Bert. Ask questions and you will learn....

Why Eth? Is that important?....


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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Dec 2019 21:42

On a serious note:

To answer question (yours Po)
Is half-wit such a thing?
It's witwit cut in half (you twit)
Ring a ding a ding


What luv?.....

Even I knew that.....

And you didn't go to school....

Does that make Po a half-wit Eth?.....

No pet, a complete half-wit....

Wot does 'complete' mean Eth?......

Go back to sleep Bert...

zzzzz.... snore......


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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Dec 2019 21:33

Ah Patsy. Am so pleased to see you come on the scene. I think more humour is needed on the site. Too much doom and gloom.

Your bio caught my attention:

'A totally natural poet that writes what I feel. It may not make sense to you, but that's the beauty of poetry.. to the right person it will make sense and that's who i write for. This is for them.'

What I write doesn't make sense to many. However, to those in the Like-Minders Society it makes a lot of sense, and to use your words 'to the right person it will make sense and that's who i write for. This is for them.'

What is the Like-Minders Society? Po belongs, and enjoys our rollercoaster rides around the Theme Park. He's disappointed the Toilet Stop has been closed these last two times but is learning to go before coming just in case it's closed again. We invite toilet poets to read their work but to me they're all a bit shitty at present. I'm on the lookout for cultured poets with class. Nothing but the best for LMS We welcome new fun-seekers.

As creator and runner of the Society I will get our Head of Publicity Lucy L to contact you.

(What sort of WOL madcap world have I let myself into thinks Patsy?.....)

Welcome here dear Patsy
A poet bringing fun
I also am a rhymer
Sending gloom on run

People think I'm silly
Silly as a wheel
Don't give a damn what others think
I'll write just what I feel


<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 18th Dec 2019 21:12

Don't worry'll all come out in the wash!

Right, that's kicked off the laundry jokes...who is going to top it?

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