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The Gnome

Oh, god! Here I'm

Right back!

In front of you,

Ready to be redeemed

Me, the twin-legged little monster

your magnificiant creation

long long ago

To swallow

the shadows of wealth

To gulp

the shadows of love n hate

To glut

your beloved creations on earth

To gorge

everything in this world

and the other world

The Gnome of shadows!

Of shadows only!!

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poetrypoemshort poem

A Recipe for Happiness

Find the darkness in your days,

and kill it in the silent nights,

then let others notice and say,

your shine has gone up to what heights.


Yet don't be done with what you have,

just spread your wings and jump to fly,

there's much you have done yesterday,

there's more you have to do tonight.


When you watch the tables turn,

and god takes test at every turn,


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Ugly beauty

You are the one
Who sees ugly things in
beautiful ones
You are the one
who sees beautiful things
in ugly ones
You are beautiful
and ugly also

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Another Train Song

Standing on the platform, waving goodbye to yesterday’s train.
Perhaps you wanted to feel you had a little bit of control.
You’re saying you hope that train never comes back again.

 A peripatetic pretense helps to ease the pain.
It’s a phantom journey, but no one has to know.
Standing on the platform, waving goodbye to yesterday’s train.

You collected yourself, stood erect, and hoped to ...

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poemtrainbreakuprelationshipsLetting Go

Charles Bukowski (Way He Writes)

Charles Bukowski

   Charles Bukowski was quite a character. Bukowski relied on experience, emotion, and imagination in his work, using direct language and violence and sexual imagery. Many people found his writing offensive. He writes with a nothing-to-lose truthfulness which makes him different from most writers. Bukowski was very much into alcohol, sex and even violence. Bukowski went to scho...

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catcharles bukowskideathlifemeaningpoempoetry

Close to the Flames

I stood outside the gates of Hell,

Ready to dive headlong into flame,

But you put your hand on my shoulder,

Turned me toward you and kissed my face.

You held me tightly against you and promised

You’d protect me for all eternity.

You assured me I was one of the good ones,

And I never should have been in this place.

You led me from the depths to a softer light,

And we lay,...

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Twenty Ways to Ruin a Poem

It’s best to sneak up on the reader.

Change the meter,

Change the rhyme,

Change the tone,

Or change the subject.

Try to do something unexpected,

Like confessing a crime

Or secret perversion,

Even in a

Short poem.

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To Define a Thing

He broke her spirit when he declared

He didn’t even know what love is.

She had only asked a simple question

As she planned her own future.

Whilst he resisted closing his options,

He never noticed how open hers were.

She awaited his answer as her suitors

Sat on the sidelines biding their time.


He pretended he didn’t understand

The comfort of constant companionship


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He dissected them

I donned rubber gloves

and pulled apart their organs

trying to understand

how it was

that I was any better than them

or even

any different.


He loved the distance a pen could create

offering the safety of clinical observation

placing him behind the Plexiglas

and far above

so that he appeared clean and professional

all the while taking g...

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poemfree verselove poetry

Her Eyes Are My Camera

With the world out of focus
Life seems more contorted
As truth becomes distorted
I am disfigured; sight is aborted

Her eyes are my camera
Focused on the ground
Your eyes are my camera
How can I fall down
How can I fall now

Lost, confused, direction gone
A soul again lacerated
People appear more perforated
I am dismembered; sight is obliterated

Her eyes are my camera
Focused on ...

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Til Morning Light

{Til Morning Light}

I've doubted my

happiness along

awaiting for my newer

sins til morning light

and as I rewrite all

of my stories and

compete with my

never-ending ends

that seems to never

be ending for me daily 

and I don't have time

for no imposters

because I will only

fade away at the

rumbling watery

morning light while

rewriting all my new


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Poempoetrythinking out loudstoryshort storyTina Gloverwriting out loudshort poemsshort poetry

Tortured Metaphor

The idea for this poem was to have Metaphor itself tied to a chair and tortured with bad writing. I have a feeling the bad writing comes through, but the meta-metaphor and overall conceit for the poem may be lost. But I guess writing is, in a sense, experimental, even if it isn't falsifiable. So, whatever, here is the poem.

Tortured Metaphor


Every rendition begins with shackles,

And ...

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bad writingmetaphorpoemtorture



Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour
Heart is put into everything
I try to be a good person
Really love my family
Lets things pile up
Everyday struggles with depression
Yet keep trying





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{Evil Venom}

{Evil Venom}


Your venom is like an evil

wicked snake knocking

at the door saying let me

in because I am the devil

and as I try to run from

the devil knocking at the

door because I can't

escape myself it's like

holding a shotgun to my

head and pulling the trigger

while blowing my brains

out all over you pussy ass

bitches while saying hot

damn you hav...

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dark poemsdark poetrydark storiesfictionfictional characterOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetrystoryTina GloverWriting out loud



Love isn't easy to do 

Love can be a nightmare

that follows you

throughout your life 

Love can rip your heart

apart if you trust in

someone who says or

claims that they love you

when in fact they don't

or never did 

Love is a tangible

unmistakable hurtful

lie of your life 

Love can leave one down

in the dumps when

someone rips your


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lifeloveOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetrystoriesthinking out loudTina Gloverwriting out loud




Minors are those less than eighteen, 

As they don't have knowledge in keen.


They don't have a driving licence,  

As don't have driving sense.


Minors are given just pen and page, 

Their life is not more than a cage. 


Holiday is not given even on sundays,

As their age is negligible for fundays.


Parents are worried not to g...

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Calling Bluff

The shadows are getting smaller

You’re unable to continue to hide

You have as much luck as the cold caller

When your debt is paid, things will again be right


You’re on the way to misery

Trust me, I’m able to foresee

This fate that has become your distant destiny

One in which you’ll fall down before me


You bite the hand that helps you

Had the chance to quit to


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There are things that

I don't understand about us.

One is how can you tell me

that you love me

when all you want to do

is change me.


You started a forest fire

that destroyed my roots

and damaged my trees.

You built concrete walls and roads

until I could no longer recognize

myself in the mirror.

"This is for progress," you said,

but all it created was cal...

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In Love We Crash

At night in the office,

I watch you watch me.

The smell of coffee and vanilla

lingers like a cigarette stick

we refuse to finish.

We talk about love, life,

and all the boring intervals,

but we never really talk about us.


The coffee in the pantry

taste like old paper and broken promises.

I look at you across the elevator,

and think about all the things

that ...

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silly we are, humans.

we stand in front a whatever immortality.

sinners we are, human beings.

we close our eyes in front a sequence of lying mortality.

innocent we are, children.

we choose to play, pac man in a monopoly’s game.

and this continue, to be continued.

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poetryminimalpoemlove; sleep; snuggle; innocense; goodness

Best Friend

You were the Earth,

and I was the moon.

You were my world,

but I was just your satellite.


The dark spots in my face were scars

from catching and stealing

the sun's light

so I could brighten you up

during your darkest hours.

I spent my time revolving

around you so I could fix you,

but you couldn't see me

because you were too busy

chasing the sun.

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poemspilled inkbest friendlove

The Season of cleanse

I hear the pitter patter outside my window
So soothing and melodic to my ears now
The rain outside is pouring down
Creating a melodic soothing sound
I again start to finally breathe
As this cleansing process sets me free
The noise it makes charms me
Often helping me see clearly
I long for Autumn to soon come around
It's the rainy season, I have found
The water trickling from the sky

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autumnblisscleancleansefreemelodicmental easepoemquietrainrainingSeasonseasonalseasonssoothing soundsoothongsoundtheraputictherapywater

How Late Is Too Late?

Act I.
From twelve midnight to twilight,
I lie down on a blanket on the rooftop,
between a bottle of wine
and my father’s old typewriter.
I am growing too careful as I age,
so when you tell me that you love me,
I pretend I don’t feel the same.

Act II.
I am unfolding. I sit at the edge of the rooftop,
surrounded by city lights and white noises.
Thirty-seven desperate missed calls.

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Triptych #1: Coffee, Paper, and Storm

The coffee on the table is as cold
as my hands which shiver
like tree branches during a storm.
I can’t decide
if it’s too bitter or too sweet,
but I will drink it anyway.

I will write about you again,
but I know that’s not entirely true.
I will write about me too.
There will be no crumpled papers
on the floor
because even if this will turn out
as a poorly written poem,
I wi...

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I am Both (with audio by me)

I am not the fat girl

I am not the skinny girl.


I am both.


I am both the bingeing in the night

And the starving from pure fright.


I am both


In the mirror I am both.


I am the always too thin pile of bones

And the body too big to call home.


I am both.


In the shops I am both.


I am the girl who is too curvy to wear cute clothes


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The Terror of Physical Education

It seemed you never put down your club

With the handle wrapped in cloth tape.

You patrolled the hallways, playground, and athletic fields

Like a sadistic southern sheriff overseeing slaves.

You thought “abuse of authority” was your job description

As you terrorised children with the constant threat of violence.

Each look, each word, each step you deemed unacceptable

Was met wi...

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poempoetrycoachingphysical educationchild abuse


Once she used to be able

to be recognizable to the

herself but bit by bit this

evil demon that lives inside

of her that's stealing her life

and herself dignity right

out from underneath her is

making herself image

distorted giving her a

false impression that

started to look like a

black sheep dressed

up in her skin making

her unrecognizable to


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fictional pieceOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetryshort poemsshort poetryshort storiesTina GloverWriting out loud

Without A Full Stop

I remember when you leaned forward, away from me
As if i was a scarlet letter you wish you never bumped into
Back and forth busy re-evaluating all offerings on the table
I bet my name never made it to the highest scores list you've made
Cause you needed to create a whole new category for someone like me

Those strange happenstances and confused look in your eyes
Tell me, are you a little sc...

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Dead Fathers

They say we carry the dead with us,

And most are surprised by the weight.

We hoist them up on our shoulders,

And imagine our strength is adequate.


But invariably we fault and stumble.

We stagger and trip and fall

We can’t see a way out of this trouble

Each partition becomes a wailing wall


We drop them in the middle of our marriage.

We trip over them when we try...

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Howling Cherokee Winds

{Howling Cherokee Winds}



The howling cherokee

winds that was blowing

through the mountain

tops down to the rivery

meadows below as the

night moon shadows

was reflecting off the

rivery meadows as the

birds was nesting for

the night the mountain

valley meadows was

silent but the only thing

that you could hear was

the longing of the howling

of th...

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Native American poemsOne_Pissed_American_Ghost_Writer\Tina Glovernative American poetrynative American storiespoempoetryTina Glover





It’s not funny when

someone says you are

incompetent making

you feel useless and

pathetic because of a

massive debilitating

illness and disease

making that person

weak and infirm like

they shouldn’t even be

in existence in this evil

corrupted world 





©Tina Glover\One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer November 14,2017...

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One_Pissed_Off_American__Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrysad poemssad poetryTina Gloverwordy queenwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

Satan's Child

{Satan’s Child}



He was born

into the world

of darkness

with the

markings of

his father’s


in three numbers

of six~six~six

hidden beneath

the darkened

fleshy flesh on

his corrupted

body this he

had to bear upon

this world causing

chaos and ruckus

throughout this

evil land of his

father’s Satan





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Drape The Flag Over My Casket

{Drape The Flag Over My Casket} 



As I lost the war

that I was facing

but please deliver

this message to my

family and loved one’s

back in the states 


I am sorry that I

couldn’t make out

of this nightmare

but I’ll always be

flying with you

only from heaven

above now but I do

miss you and love

you all and please

don’t cry because...

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One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrywriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short storiesTina Glover

My ? Angel Brother Rob

{My ? Angel Brother Rob} 



My ? angel brother Rob as you went to sleep one night as you never had awoken by the next morning and as my heart was broken because you left me behind to live a messed up life that sucks without you here and `God' saw you growing weak and weary so he brought you home as my eyes has been very teary since you left me behind but I know now you are at ☮️ peace a...

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Do You Feel Them?

{Do You Feel Them?}



Do you feel these pains

Do you feel my heartaches

Do you long for me

Do you still taste the last sweet bitter kiss that I placed upon your lips

Do you ever wonder what could have been 

Do you miss me

Do you still want me

Did you ever really love me at all 

Did~Did you

I guess I'll always be waiting to know from your sorry lame ass answers...

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aching hearts poemsaching hearts poetryaching hearts storingOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetryTina Glover

Don't Care~Don't Want To Heart It

{Don't Care~Don't Want To Hear It} 



I don't care anymore

I don't wanna hear it anymore 

Because I am moving on I am moving forward with or without you or without you in my life and that is your decision but choose wisely 

Because when I walk out that door that means that I am closing the door behind me shutting you out completely and you will have the ever essence of what was...

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The Everescents Of A Killing Killers Mind

{The Everescents Of A Killing Killers Mind} 


The sweet temptation

that fills that voided

lingering taste that

alines my lips

leaving me thirsting

and wanting and

needing more

pleasurable killings

that's filling that

extra void that's

slowly filling my

soul like the sounds

of the hellish hell

blood hound's coming

to drag your sorry

carcass thro...

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One Knife

{One Knife} 


One knife


One hell of a

sharp razor blade


One time to place

the blade against

your sorry ass throat

to slowly slide it

across cutting it

deep and deeper

until your blood

pours from your

body as you lay

there violently

shaking in fear

and so much pain

as I am the one

slaying your sorry

ass in vain tonight



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Murderous Tears

{Murderous Tears}


These murderous tears

follows down my

cheeks wetting my

shirt  as I gently wipe 

them away like the way

the did you by

murdering you in

cold blooded murder

and it left me here

like a child that was

orphaned to survive

in these darkened

cold gangster streets

that the blood stained

asphalt surrounds my feet 


But I cannot...

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One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetrySurviving murderous bastardsTina Gloverwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short storieswriting stories

Lies~Lies And More Lies

{Lies~Lies And More Lies}


The lies always flowed from your wicked bitchiest corrupted lips that tried to effectively communicate with me like the demonic dog in you 


But I would listen for the first few times then after that I automatically auto~tuned your old played out fake ass coward of a man that lives amongst the people in this world who wasn't a liar like you 


And now...

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humorousHumorous poemsOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryTina Gloverwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

? To My Husband ?

{? To My Husband ?}



To my fabulous husband,


Sweetheart I think God for blessing me with you 


because you have had my back when my own family didn't have my back 


and I set here remembering all the love made with so much hot burning passion between us and when and how we found each other off Myspace so long ago now but I will never regret that because that day w...

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One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetrystoriesTina Gloverwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

My Truest Love Of Mine

{My Truest Love Of Mine}

My wonderful
darling love of mine

I did fall deeply,
madly in love with
you so long ago now
but it only seems like
yesterday to me


I love you my truest
love of mine

But we have grown
in our blossoming
relationship love
each other more
with faithful hearts
beating to the rhythmic
beats of our hearts
bounded together
for etern...

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love poemlove poetryOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetryTina Glover writing short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

Lovin The White Blow

{Lovin The White Blow} 


Your lovin the white powder blowin up your nose as it rots away your nose bone and you love selling blow and you best havin my money when I come to collect or your dumb ass will end up with a brick poppin that ugly face you played out pussy ass bitches and sumbitches


And now what are you gonna do with it 


And you love the powdered white blow dripping...

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Broken Scarred Up Angel In Her

{Broken Scarred Up Angel In Her} 



As she once was loved so much that she made being broken look easy to do and to live each day of her darkened scarred up dying life 


And now she sits alone with regrets of what might have been but was never good enough for you or anyone 


And as she cries alone in her cold darkened bed room which became her living grave of a death she h...

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She's A Ghostly Woman

{She's A Ghostly Woman}



She's always

been an

outsider to

everyone she

has met in

her life while

she was alive 


So now she

haunt's the

memories of

those who

had forgotten

and forsaken



And now she

wants pay back

for the

damages done

by you coward



Because she's been

judged by you,


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Dark poemTina Gloverdark poetryOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetrywriting out loudwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories





My life 

My love 

My blueish~green 

turtle dove 

I had to set you free 

And you flew far

away from me

and then you

had left me






©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 2017 but posting here on June 30,2018 



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One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverpoempoetryquoteTina Gloverwriting out loudwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories




Well fear

can most

certainly be a



and definitely

keep us up

all night long

but you have

to believe in

your faith

and that

makes one

fine pillow to

rest their

weary head

upon all

your life



And to keep

that fear away

at bay and

never lose

your faith




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poempoetrywriting short storieswriting short poemsTina Gloverwriting short poetrywriting out loudOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover

Flirting With Death

{Flirting With Death} 


All the sleepless

nights and all the



attempts of

flirting with

death and all

the dark fears

that's held

deep down

inside of you

because death

always awaits

you and me

and all the

never ending

thirsting of the

loneliness of

flirting with

death until

my very




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Dark poemsdark poetrypoempoetrywriting short poemswriting short poetryTina Gloverwriting out loudwriting storiesOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover

Love Me The Same

{Love Me The Same} 



Darling all I

ask is that

you love me

the same like

I do you 


Because I

don't require

diamonds and

pearls I reqrire

your love 


Because we

both can have

a life filled with

love unconditionally

without hesitation

until we both

rise up in hit

our ever

lasting fame

because this

dame will...

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?The Fire In Your Eye's?

{?The Fire In Your Eye's?}


The fire in your

eyes covered my

soul devouring it

to the lasting drops

of it like good old

mountain spring

water on a hot 

summers day 


And as the fire grew

intense in my soul

for you and as the

day's washed away

into the longing

hours of the

lonely nights

while every

second of the

night made me


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One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina GloverPoempoetryThinking Out LoudTina Gloverwriting out loudwriting short poemswriting short poetrywriting short stories

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