{Evil Venom}

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{Evil Venom}


Your venom is like an evil

wicked snake knocking

at the door saying let me

in because I am the devil

and as I try to run from

the devil knocking at the

door because I can't

escape myself it's like

holding a shotgun to my

head and pulling the trigger

while blowing my brains

out all over you pussy ass

bitches while saying hot

damn you have got me

feeling like an out of this

world alien that has been

alienated by you so open

up the door and let the devil

in and the demons that is

always going to be

knocking at the door

because we all are floaters

down here and as the darkened

venom keeps running

through my veins as my

venomous body turns into

a skeleton fading away

into dust so knock-knock

at the door let me in

because this venomous

demon devil dog always

lives inside of you so

I'll always be chasing

myself trying to find that

demon devil dog that lives

inside of me and no reason

to phone home because

this is your final call and

your long lost destiny

so don't test me because

this devil is always going

to be knocking, knock-knock

at your door so don't try to

hide from yourself because

this devil remains inside

of you no matter if you blow

your brains out all over

these pussy ass bitches

and hell no I'm loco either

and I am just your hidden

demon devil dog at your

door so accept your fate

and let me in




©Tina Glover/One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer 10/4/2018

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Big Sal

Fri 5th Oct 2018 01:35

Change up from your usual topics, but it was a great read.


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