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Once she used to be able

to be recognizable to the

herself but bit by bit this

evil demon that lives inside

of her that's stealing her life

and herself dignity right

out from underneath her is

making herself image

distorted giving her a

false impression that

started to look like a

black sheep dressed

up in her skin making

her unrecognizable to

herself or anyone else

that may know her


and once she had a life

filled with love, laughter,

joy and happiness but

that life would soon pass

and parish away making

her think and feel that

the only thing left for her

to do is end her life once

and for all to make

everyone around her so

super happy that this

whining complaining

witches sister is finally

dead and gone


and once she felt beautiful

and now she feels like

the ugliest witches sister

that has been hiding in

the darkness so no one

could see her ugliness

to frighten them away


and once she had children

that gave her a little hope

for a fairy tail life but that

to would soon pass away

like the old rotting flesh

from her old decaying



and once she held many

men's love but now she

knows deep down inside

that those loves was

merely there to make

her a fading booty call to

them for when they

needed it or wanted it and

also being there for her

money to keep them up

so they wouldn't have

to work as that only hurt

her more than I can write

and try to explain as I

keep on splattering the

ink all over these dark

and bloody walls that

has became her

permanent home as the

tears will not stop flowing

down her cheeks wetting

the ground around her as

she keeps on sinking until

she drowns without anyone

around to help recuse her

from herself that has been

killing herself since she

was born into this unholy

godly world


and once she loved to live

her life with joy, happiness,

bliss, and more love than

most will ever know in

their life time but she's

still unrecognizable to

herself and everyone else



©Tina Glover\One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer August 8,2018 but posting here on August 9,2018




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<Deleted User> (16099)

Fri 10th Aug 2018 14:28

I still see and feel you tina, you are a warrior . I recognize what it is that you are inside not outside, and there are so many who love you and are with you each and every moment of the day... I am one

Big Sal

Fri 10th Aug 2018 01:09

Very powerful in emotion and choice of words. The reader can feel the pain bleeding from the lines and soon summon another reading.

Hope you're well.?

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