There are things that

I don't understand about us.

One is how can you tell me

that you love me

when all you want to do

is change me.


You started a forest fire

that destroyed my roots

and damaged my trees.

You built concrete walls and roads

until I could no longer recognize

myself in the mirror.

"This is for progress," you said,

but all it created was calamities

waiting to happen.


I am not your propery.

You can't just take away

something from me

just because you wanted to.

I am a forest, and like a plant

that can grow on concrete

and pavements,

I am going to take back what is mine.


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Fri 21st Sep 2018 01:32

"I'm going to take back what is mine."

Take your time, do it right, that's the art of it...


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Marie Alyza

Mon 17th Sep 2018 01:35

Thank you so much Miss Lynn for your wonderful feedback. I'm a big fan of your writing! ♥

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lynn hahn

Fri 14th Sep 2018 21:04

I love your use of forest fire to describe love. Sometimes it's good for the forest to burn to the ground cleaning out all so a new healthy forest can grow.

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