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i drive by the place we used to spend hours at, in the back of the car . up on that shitty hill behind my work.

i still feel the musty hands wrap tightly around my ill-ridden waist. teenage love they say. 

love is hooking up in the back of a Ford F-150 with Joji playing in the background. love is pretending to be infatuated when in reality they want you to get them off. that is all.

you f...

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Elbow Yard

Elbow Yard


In Elbow Yard the walls are thin

between this world and the next.

We communicate through clairvoyants

because we couldn’t  handle text.

But that’s all right mate,

that’s pretty cool,

you didn’t like clowns

and I’m the fool.


In Elbow Yard the darkness reigns

and death dances out of sight

ready to drag us to his ballroom,

illuminated in pale g...

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A spark lit up
A small, thin matchstick,
Gently rubbed from
A matchbox's wall.

Cursed at the fire
That burns a frail wick,
Drilled tightly into
Candle of false hopes.

Glimpsed the beauty
Of radiance and awe,
A fleeting light
To bleak, weary past.

The dancing flame
Slowly melts and hurts,
The paraffin
Where homeless hope lives.

It brightly shines,
As it ghastly burns,

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false hopeloveromance

Black Widow



The air is chilled,

the night has eyes

that watch the lovers

in the shadows.


in sinful eyes,

that hold the fear

where no-one goes.

A prowling man-trap,

scented breath,


to hold her own

in crowded rooms

that smell of death,

when you're singled out

and on your own.


Black Widow comes


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