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Umbilical Wi-Fi Life

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At the edge of land the day rises 

the sun rides in on lazy waves 

dripping its still wet rays to dewy earth


Shadows fill with definition

becoming animated they uncoil upright

between infinity and certain end

they meet 


And there they mingle

each giving purpose to the other

a ceaseless cycle of un-touching friction


An umbilical wi-fi life


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The flickering light calls from

across the disused railway embankment

like a lonely beacon sending signals

into the misty grey dawn.


Quietly questioning a world

still wrapped in strong arms of slumber.

I consider sending an answer,

would that I understood its coded question.


I’m drawn into its intoxicating world by

the pulsating rhythm of its incandescent heart...

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The See

The See a mothers loss is a roaring cry seagulls try to console the sky memory currents cycle below glacial dreams of trickling snow ripples giggle in play carefree scribbling light on nurseries cautious games become boisterous ways growing stronger night and day tumbling into adolescence shedding childhoods sediments they’re vigour serves to energize blue-rinsed coasts revitalis...

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