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here i stand, here i stay...

in the midst of memories

that wont seem to go away..

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Those feelings

The ones that hold you back

Make you want to stop

stay home and hide

they haunt me


You get that sinking feeling

an ache in the pit of your stomach

can’t shake it

leaves you feeling helpless

and hopeless



that you thought you’d hidden

or dealt with

come flooding back

vivid as if it was just today

haunting you like a ghost


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Chapter 6:Her

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I think there’s a ghost in my room

A monster hiding underneath my bed

It haunts me at night

And invades all of my dreams


I’ve asked you to leave

Yet you keep coming by

Just when I think I’m safe and alone

You show up again worse than before


I feel like I’m being watched

I feel like I’m someone’s private move

This uncomfortable presence around me is unbearabl...

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Our School Was Haunted

Our SchoolWas Haunted


Our school was haunted on this Halloween

All you could hear was moaning and screams

The chairs started groaning,

The floor was all sticky

The slime on the windows was squashy and squishy

The bats and the cats were cooking with witches

And casting a spell of chickenpox itches

The eyelash of spider and toenails of newt

Frogspawn and ...

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Pale Membrane


Everything seeps in, everything leaks, in to this pale membrane.

The air from gestures, the pain and wicked eyes flicker.

The soft secretion of lingering sadness shelters like a veil.

Not haunted though, not lost to anything.

A door left open for a breeze to walk in.


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