Those feelings

The ones that hold you back

Make you want to stop

stay home and hide

they haunt me


You get that sinking feeling

an ache in the pit of your stomach

can’t shake it

leaves you feeling helpless

and hopeless



that you thought you’d hidden

or dealt with

come flooding back

vivid as if it was just today

haunting you like a ghost


Words that were said

and words unsaid

hanging in  the air

barging into your head

when least expected

like a visit from a spirit past


Feels so real

the hurt is so raw

so painful

yet it was years ago

consigned to history


Everyone has ghosts

memories from the past

a history

and everyone ignores it

don’t give it a second thought

but they’re still haunted


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chris yates

Tue 2nd Feb 2016 22:12

This poem really resonates with me having suffered panic attacks anxiety flash backs oh that tthe ghost would stay in the closet or is that the skeletons . ( : x

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Vicki Ayers

Wed 27th Jan 2016 09:36

I like it - you've perfectly captured how our past can follow us - I hope you're not haunted forever! Vic x

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Wed 27th Jan 2016 00:03

Esp like the fourth stanza..."words that were said and words unsaid hanging in the air, barging into your head when least expected "...words,memories, it's all about learning to turn things around when the buggers show up ! Great insight x

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