What Monster?

Just a bit of fun, these poems are used in my work as part of a project using monsters as a way of inspiring young people to share an enthusiasm for writing. Can you identify the six mystery monsters?


More than just the sum of his parts

this monster stole another's heart

and his hands and feet as well

not much is his as you can tell

his head is screwed on firmly

by the bolts in his neck stuck

he gets overexcited when

by lightning he is stuck.


When the old king passed away

in a gold coffin he was put

some say his name was Rameses

others it was Tut

his ancient skin is paper thin

in bandages he's wrapped

inside a pyramid of stone

for centuries he was trapped.


If tonight there's a full moon

there's good reason to be scared

there'll be a monster coming soon

with pointy teeth and shaggy hair

a silver bullet's what you'll need

to stop him in his tracks

or else on you he'll want to feed

he'd like you for a snack.


This monster likes to live in slime

he lurks in murky lakes

he lies in wait, biding his time

before his chance he takes

to grab a lonely swimmer

who strays too far from shore

with hands that seem like flippers

he drags them down below.


Many fathoms down

beneath the ocean deep

a scaly behemoth

has woken from its sleep

it swims up to the surface

an aquatic dinosaur

and sinks a passing liner with

its terrifying roar.


A bat flies through a window

of the crypt just as dawn breaks

then in a cloud of crimson smoke

a transformation undertakes

instead of wings and claws and fur

there's pointed teeth and slicked back hair

in a coffin with a regal crest

he settles down to take his rest.

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Stu Buck

Fri 19th Jun 2015 15:10


Got them all except the fifth. Not sure about that one, except maybe loch ness monster?

Otherwise I'm hoping its Frankenstein, Mummy, Werewolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon and the last is Dracula. I enjoyed this more than a thirty year old should i think!

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