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Valentine's Wish


My hope for you 
Is that you may feel 
All the love that I have felt 

May you feel the joy that resides within 
Every ounce of your existence 
May your cup overflow
With the wholeness of loving existence 

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Hello, how are you today: upper,middle,lower— class.
front, and center.
I’d like to think if a kid were to get up and say I can’t stand this, then the teacher would get behind them in an orderly fashion.
side by side, classroom C-3 parts in the middle of the day, to make their way back to their seat,
show and tells of mommy and me– are always well received.

A pinned-up faction icon that sta...

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Chalk Initials

Love is in the air forecasters say
at first blush, be that as it may
chalk initials in handpicked tins invoke remembrance by paving ways
palms supine scribed with written in lines tie sanskrit signs
significance is found in the now
springs and gears ticking time
as faeries grant blessings shifting through a lovers parade

Concurrent reminiscence written on akashic pages taking turn
Books ...

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Happy Valentine's!


It's such a happy homely brand,

such a loving hand to hold.

Nothing says "forced adoration" quite the same

as an overpriced printed bit of Hallmark card.


Though I came in drunk last night

and all we've done is fight,

and we haven't actually spoken for a week,

this greeting card's designed to wipe out

all the battle lines and it's guaranteed

an armistice today.


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Valentine poemvalentines day


Buying each other pointless things

chocolates flowers diamond rings

In the hope to share our love

But still it feels it's not enough

We could just forget it 

and we wouldn't regret it 

But those feelings i have make me want to share

love you show you how much i care

It's strange how without you i feel so alone

makes me weep cry and moan

I'm to emotional and sensitive


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Old Romantic

Old Romantic


The roses gave her hay fever,

the chocolates made her fat,

if I were to believe her

that would be the end of that.

She complained the wine was bitter

and the card was over priced,

my verse didn’t raise a titter

‘cos it wasn’t very nice.

The lingerie was far too tight,

misunderstood agendas,

I looked a proper sight

in the stockings and suspender...

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Is this ritual or adventure

See how quickly

The words are written

No longer anonymous

Is this a box to check

A form to fill

A contract to renew

An essential procedure

The mind indifferent

Even irritated but....

The heart restless

Insistent that this

Is not an option

Ink on cardboard

Flesh on flesh

One forever...

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Love's Labour's Lost

Bought  in a giddy moment

when happiness outweighed intellect

the card now haunts me

for what do you do

with an unsent valentine?


Cherry red and black

my favourite colours

except I can’t wear it

the corset ‘s too brief

and the feathers might itch ;)


Can’t throw it away

it cost the price of a G&T…

but I can’t drink it either

it migh...

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valentines day

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