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Some context before you read is that I believe the colour blue is the most ethereal colour in the entire world so I decided to write a poem about it :)


Let the blue shine from within you.


My heart isn’t red it’s blue.

It pumps the freedom around my body,

Even when the world begins to look grotty.


The ocean, the sky, the colour of my eyes,

All represent a journey.


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Look at the ocean

Tides and waves,
Hitting the shores,
Drenching the sand and the feet that stand on it.
With eyes on the blue infinitude,
And mind on clouds,
I look at the ocean.

A mirror holding the image of the sky above.
I realise how big the world is.
I am at peace, 
Knowing that I am an infinitely small particle,
And a powerless being,
In front of Him.

I am just a bit of a being,
That arises ...

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god loves alloceanthe sky

Fly Away

She wanted to fly high

But was afraid to fell from the blue sky

She longed for someone

To come along her way

To guide her throughout

No matter what the world says


She would believe in miracles

She was never afraid to dream

If only that someone showed up

She would have been living free

Chained in the shackles

She longed to breathe

Eventually that someone sho...

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Purple Sky

Rippling from beyond an infinite place,

There seems to be room for an ultimate space.

Miles high,

Beneath the sky.

Lashings of purple fire build the tower of rounded shapes.


Coupling oranges of clashing toxicity,

Yet the simplicity fills awaiting eyes with Enigma.

Trying to understand the suns cast of light.

Filling empty minds with the splashes of purple sky.



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the sky

Song of the Sky

Whispers adorn the sky

Chilling winds and dying, breathy voices

The road is a blackboard

With essays of footprints written upon it

The air is still

As are the trees

But the sky is not

The sky talks mindlessly to someone

It murmurs and mutters

Supported by the Earth

Pressured by Space

The sky is home to the brain of a flower

The flower is red

Some say the colo...

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Ulop Flight

Ulop Flight

Her PERFUME was like a vapour trail.                                                                                

She flew in THAT sky.                                                                                                               

She CLIMBED higher and higher.                                                                                       

They CHA...

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Strange hazy shapes in the rainy sky dancing lights in the dark of night,

who knows what it means, what they are?

Impossible accelerations and crazy manoeuvres in a second, no plane can do those.

It is the element of the unknown, so scary and dangerous.

People tell of strange beings coming in the night, of sharp objects and needles and of terrible pain.

Nightmare drea...

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I’m in my stealth jet circling the planet at mach 25,

every minute means a new orbit, light into dark,

dark into light as no one can stop me, I’m ever so fast.

I ain’t human, I ain’t alien, I ain’t a ghost, I’m the Aurora,

the spirit of the northern skies on a speeding flight

to the heavens in my silver skinned craft,

as streamlined as a bullet and as gr...

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stealth jethigh speed flightthe sky

MUSTANG poem shortlisted in a comp...

...and will be published in a book called UPLIFTING MOMENTS



Born out of diverging needs and used in battle, american airframe and english merlin engine creating a machine quite unlike any other. At home six miles above the earth protecting silver lumbering B-17s from murderous nazi fighters, down on the deck filling the krauts full of lead dont tell m...

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