Ulop Flight

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Ulop Flight

Her PERFUME was like a vapour trail.                                                                                

She flew in THAT sky.                                                                                                               

She CLIMBED higher and higher.                                                                                       

They CHASED her, a hunter's paradise.                                                                                    

Their aim was TRUE.                                                                                                                  

A MORTAL wound on her flawless being.                                                                                                 

This was her LAST ever flight.                                                                                           

She FELL in the northern ocean.                                                                                              

Finally she was FREE.                                                                                                           

A SPIRIT in heaven.                                                                                                              

Her plane was but a VESSEL.                                                                                              

Her soul journeying to RELEASE.                                                                                             

Did she ever EXIST at all?

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◄ Hex contains swearing



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