Look at the ocean

Tides and waves,
Hitting the shores,
Drenching the sand and the feet that stand on it.
With eyes on the blue infinitude,
And mind on clouds,
I look at the ocean.

A mirror holding the image of the sky above.
I realise how big the world is.
I am at peace, 
Knowing that I am an infinitely small particle,
And a powerless being,
In front of Him.

I am just a bit of a being,
That arises from His imagery.
I devour the sight of the endless creation with my eyes,
And thus, submit myself to Him,
For I know, as I look at the ocean,
That He is supreme. 

god loves alloceanthe sky

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 13th Feb 2021 17:30

So many of us must have stood beside the ocean beneath an endless sky and found our minds considering the power and mystery
of the infinite before our eyes. Marvelling and questioning at the
same time at what is yet to be made fully comprehensible to our
limited intellects. The wonder persists and long may it do so for
humanity on its progress to ultimate awareness.

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