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Drinking Life Away

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Drinking life away
To mourn and celebrate
With a drink in hand
A prop with which to stand
Have a drink to laugh
And stop sorrows in their path
To grieve at rising sun
Part of nightime fun
Drinking is your brain
The new way of being sane
Drinking is your super power
Your friend at every hour
A pint is always there
Like a friend who cares
A whiskey to relax
Drowning all the crap
But ...

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Isla Vista

Isla Vista 


Life by the beach 

students on fire 

chicks with tattoos 

streets filled with hope and crank 

the guy from Hawaii is the coolest 

away from mom and dad 

high school was so yesterday 

party at the Bob Marley house 

after party in the morning 

beer belly and whiskey dick 

fake tits and nipple rings 

warm beer and cold pizza 

mac and cheese fill...

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Alcoholic With Sick On His Shoes.

Alcoholic with sick on his shoes,
Sat on a brown wooden bench
In the middle of town
With his old dog,
Flea ridden,
Shaking, gray,
Lacking good vision
Waiting for a meal
A dropped pasty or pie
A sandwich, perhaps rye.

I, was never taught in school
To be such a man
It was always
You could become a lawyer,
You could become a teacher,
You could become a business man
Never, you could ...

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Manchester Ritz

entry picture

Manchester Ritz


Manchester Ritz, the glam n' the glitz

dancehall days, it's a ballroom blitz!

sticky carpets, sweaty armpits

see her dress, it just about fits

have a dance, or prop up the bar

glittering balls, a dancefloor star

see that girl, I can see her bra

watch her move, she's the best by far

sexy girls, crazy drunken nights

low cut tops, minis...

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