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Drinking Life Away

entry picture

Drinking life away
To mourn and celebrate
With a drink in hand
A prop with which to stand
Have a drink to laugh
And stop sorrows in their path
To grieve at rising sun
Part of nightime fun
Drinking is your brain
The new way of being sane
Drinking is your super power
Your friend at every hour
A pint is always there
Like a friend who cares
A whiskey to relax
Drowning all the crap
But ...

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Drink your potion 


You swallowers of pride

Cause a rift, cause a commotion

But never let the least emotion

Get in the way of a great promotion

 2 for 1 on the latest lotion

Life is lived in blurred slow motion

With matted mouth and the smallest notion

You can't beat this 

Dote on 

Choke on

Smoke on



And float on


Drink your ...

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Christmas Calamities

It's nine 0'clock it's up the dancers

Time for the siblings to settle

With the kids snuggled up tight

Into the attic you climb

The operation at full fettle


With all the parcels of toys and treats

Retrieved from the dusty enclave

You soon feel guilty about the santa imposter

Who you claim resides in a cave


While the kids snooze soundly in their pit

The gifts ...

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what crisis?

entry picture

what crisis?


nowadays they have to pinch the ends

of their cigarettes before they cross the threshold

no longer allowed to herd the crumbling swarms

of ash across the gingham veldt


outside the window, on the pavement,  lies a bible

and the radio declares their readiness is high

seems like a good night to let the smokers

in and warm around a last ember...

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