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Let The Night Fall

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Let The Night Fall


Let the night fall and cover us

with heavy molasses sleep

that makes our bodies

sink into soft linen sheets.


Clouds of pillows

swirling round

our dream filled heads.


Let the night fall and still

the howling creatures

clawing at the doors

of our subconscious..


Folds of duvet


the ravages of life.


Let the night fall

like a black hammer

on the anvil

of our cares and worries.


A soft breeze,

through an open window,

caressing skin.


Let the night fall softly,

without the urgent keening

of the clamour of the day

that has passed.



Like the embrace

Of an old friend.


Let the night fall,

purring like a contented cat

in a basket of blankets

by the kitchen door.


Let the night stay fallen,

stretched and healing




until the alarm clock

spits its automatic fire

across the dawn.


sleepthe nighthealingrelaxpeaceful

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 15th Apr 2018 17:28

Soft low volume classical aaah. ?

Frances Macaulay Forde

Tue 10th Apr 2018 17:28

I like the twist at the end - the alarm is always a shock. I think the last stanza is my favourite although I like the whole poem, every word carefully considered.
Thank you, Ian.

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