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Bon Appétit Monsieur Le Tory!

« Aw diddums! ‘as Bo Jo tekken away thi whips?

Tha’d best get thi guns eawt then, on’ t’ shootin’ sticks.

Lookin’ on t’ breight side…a well - flogged peasant,

Just ain’t got the texture on’ ne’er tastes uz pleasant,

Uz pulled leaded pheasant…avec jus de pissed-on chips! »



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It was not so

At the start it was not so

That we did know the stone to throw,

To kill the beasts and men like us,

To think it fine to strike the blow

That spread man's blood upon the dust.


How was it that death entered in?

Cruel killing, how did it begin?

Did not the Tree of Life stand there,

In God's garden where was no sin.

In God's garden where all was fair.



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The Bayonet In The Shed

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The Bayonet In The Shed


He put it there in forty nine,

in a woodworm riddled drawer,

wrapped it in a greasy rag.

A remnant from the war.

On top of it he laid his medals,

nothing more was said

until the day my father

took the bayonet from the shed.


We had pestered many times

and he had said ‘perhaps’

when we asked him if he’d killed

any Krauts or any Ja...

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Thanks to Patricia & Stefan for getting me thinking about this topic again.......





this lion was sat there

being a lion

when a man

who beat his wife and kids

shot him

through the head

and used his fur

for a rug


this alligator was sat there

being an alligator

when a man

who raped a child

thrust a spear


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