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untitled pillows

untitled pillows


Dawn disclosed it –

Light from an honest butter sky

Reveling in a freelance body next to me,

With our fragrant attraction

As dried up

As an Atacamian kiss.


I put in me

Sweet, sweet whiskey

Sweet scorned man.


Back then, under the accents

And sweet reprieve of street swept skies

We had clinked our glasses several times

In mome...

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The folly of lust


As a teen, my mam used to put the mockers on my Friday nights out by saying “If you meet any girls treat them with respect, they are someone’s daughter or sister, don’t be having any casual sex or one-night stands”



Last Saturday night I was out with my mate

He is meeting his bird, I am on a blind date

He’d said she was fit, but from where I was sat

She looks like ...

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Lustone night stand

Save me from myself.

Staring up at his ceiling fan, thinking about this disgrace
Looking in his closet door mirror, with this horrid weed that was laced. 
Sending me into a trance of pure disgust
I have to stop this now, it’s most certainly a must. 
I walked out the door 
With no kiss goodbye 
He turned around so fast 
Like the quickest speed of light. 

My heart pounding as we speak 
I’ve gotten to a Cert...

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Heavy coats 

Heavy petting 

It's tricky displaying affection with all these layers between us

I'm just bored and looking for a mouth to feed on 

So let me taste your flavor 

I know it's not the kind that melts the snow but it will do for now 

My feelings bottled deep inside 

Just hiding behind tall men like you

I feel very little 

I laugh at the ridiculousness of it all


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one night stand

The Mayfly Dance

The Mayfly Dance


It snowed on Christmas Eve

Nineteen Seventy Six

But that was later.


Earlier we had all met up

In our favourite student pub

Everyone under age and eager


The girls in cheesecloth shirts

And tight fitting Levis

The boys sporting long hair and moustaches


We didn’t look Seventeen

As we chose the jukebox plays

Of Zeppelin, Skynyrd ...

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christmas kissfirst lovelessons learnedone night stand

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