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What Is Time?

The sound of time is one thing you can't ignore

Every tick of a second echo's to nowhere

Time rules the planet earth

It’s the symbolic bomb ready to blow away

There is no stopping it

There is no pausing it

There is no red or blue wires to cut

It goes on as life does

Time is a clock where things get stored

People are too busy to notice every second

They’re too much of ...

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Time poetry

Stranger of War


He is a soldier of his own war

His mind is a weapon of poison

The battle approaches each morning

The enemy grins at him in the reflections

His insanity runs through his blood

His fears invades his soul like intruders

He stands alone with an army of mistakes

Mistakes that represent eternal guilt

He shoots himself with venomous lies

He allows it to flow through his ra...

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war poetry

"A Life That Lives Within Me."

It goes something like this:

Late at night, when things are at their most quiet, I feel a whisper walking through my sleep, asking questions within my soul, approaching me with utter silence and consuming it with fear.

I awaken in a faded colored world, leading an inexpensive life. It’s not what I want to have but it’s also not what I want to let go of.

How does one let go of all things t...

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Defining My Subject: "Numbness".

Heading from somewhere to nowhere, with uncertain self-control is scary.

Being numb is like being dead. To simply feel nothing, you are or somewhat believe to become nothing. I know this because I'm a victim of it.

I'm also free, I guess, I have no pain or sorrow –although I know what all these emotions feel like, or felt like- but also no happiness or joy. I'm unbreakable, there is nothing ...

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"Sunset Heartaches"

"Last hour of the fading sizzling sun

Picture framing my daylight faking fun

From a beating, numbing, broken heart

Warm on the flesh yet cold to the bone, Alone in bed, I finally no longer have to pretend.

Resting the tiring smiling muscles on my face, I recall a few memories that leave a bitter taste,

Really being happy many lonely nights before

Somehow I lost reason, and then s...

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"Lose Ends of Unconditional Self-hatred"

"Lose Ends of Unconditional Self-hatred"

“It’s not about the steps I take
It’s not about the fear I taste
It’s not about the lies I create
It’s not about the wrongs I make

I pushed myselfless self over
I watched me fall
My grin hides demons
My eyes bury me in hate

I fall in traps I made myself
I hide in shadows of doubt
I go to hell and hope its home
I steal my truth and prove...

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“Acceptance of the Un-acceptant.”

 “Acceptance of the Un-acceptant.”

There is this place that I know. A place I have known for very long, a place where there is no path, a place that has no direction at all, just a place of pure echo of silence

It is a place that has become my friend, a place where I had to become my own friend. This place has a beautiful side and an ugly side. This is a magical place where I can explore. Bu...

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