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First Light

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Dawn in my existence
swaddled by unconditional love
I point towards the ceiling
a laughing baby
and my first word comes
‘light, light’
And the smile on my mother’s face
first light…

Sun broke across the rooftops
seagulls chattering overhead
As a waking town began to stir
me in my best suit, you dressed in white
Finally, we’re here
dappled in dawn light, sweet light
and the smile on my lover’s face
first light…

Reaching for a pen and paper
at a table by the pool
Our children swim, the ideas splash
there are words I need to write
And once again, I am possessed
by the beauty in every droplet
and the smile on my daughter’s face
first light…

All the things I had to do
All the places I had to go
through the cellars and the sewers
to the canyons and the stars
in these lines, all I’ve been searching for
It was my first word
and it echoes through this life
that first light…

first wordlight

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Thu 4th Jan 2024 14:56

Thanks John, that's interesting line of thought for sure. Fuel for a for a future poem... Happy 2024 to you too.

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John Marks

Wed 3rd Jan 2024 17:37

A poem that put me in mind of our lives as non-verbal infants whose senses guide them towards the light: "the smile on my mother’s face
first light…". Happy new year Tom. John

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Wed 3rd Jan 2024 16:15

Thanks so much Stephen, Andy, Graham and Keith for the very kind and encouraging comments.

My mother told my first word had been "light" and I thought there was something poetic to be explored in that idea... Sadly, the other verses are all imagined but still, it's something we must all seek out wherever and whenever we can.

Many thanks to Hugh, Holden, Hélène, Manish, Tim and Carlton for the 'likes' and for taking a moment to read my words. I really appreciate it - as always. 😃

Happy new year to all my talented Write Out Loud friends.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 3rd Jan 2024 07:59

A lovely poem, Tom, the language rich yet flowing with ease. Your reading of it is excellent.

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R A Porter

Mon 1st Jan 2024 17:16

This is really beautiful, an imagery-rich journey through light and life, 👏

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 1st Jan 2024 12:35

Keep it burning Tom! There are some lovely special words here. Happy New Year!

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keith jeffries

Mon 1st Jan 2024 12:28

this is an incredible piece of writing. Your use of the word light is very interesting as it has many connotations, most of all theologically where it is seen as the rival and victor of darkness. One often hears the expression 'the light of the world'. In this poem you place it in a family context which brings a loving warmth. I really enjoyed this and thank you,

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