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Underground (Part 28 to 30)

(NB. Three more haikus on the Underground)



Asleep on the seat

He only just wakes up

Before it leaves.



As the taxi beeps

Outside he tells himself this

Can’t keep happening




Guitar in his case

The busker offers the tramp

Some of his coffee.

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Underground Part 13 to 15

** NB. Three more haiku about the Underground.

 (More to come too) **



Underground XIII

You smile after he 
Hides his wedding ring then slips 
getting off the train

Underground XIV

September darkness
Makes the late running train feel
even much later  

Underground XV

He doesn’t wake him up
until he has missed his stop 
smiling silently

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Behind You

Next to the water

The wind chases behind you

Like a naughty child.

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Haiku Homework (Grade 1)

Haiku Homework (grade 1)


Got haiku fever

WOLer craze firing me up

Searching for deep thoughts


Must be 5-7-5

Learnt at College of Haiku

Not complete dumbo


Told my next step is

Present words of deep wisdom

Mat sat under cat


Despite passing bottom of class

you show budding promise.

(Principal - College of Haiku)


Don Matthews June 2019


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The First Night We Met

You watched from behind

As I swayed to the music

The first night we met


No network coverage

To cover and color time

The first night we met


No calls to remind

Us that we’re not wild and free

The first night we met


You called me “beauty”

While I saw beauty in you

The first night we met


Nineteen-twenties jazz

Silent phones, no texts, and you


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(4) 5-7-5 Haikus

Caught in these struggles

Like water finding its way

We will endeavor


Chasing his father

Walking within his footsteps

He lives in shadows


Resonating beauty

Walking on imported air

Formidably cool


Gracefully they move

Like Elephants swimming free

Above earth’s trappings

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Menage A Trois

Menage A Trois

The creeping half-light
casts unnatural shadows
on a cooling path.

Silver sister moon
bites down hard on the sky king,
silencing bird song.

This, being England,
she does beneath a cloud veil
of shy modesty.

Unbelievers still
raise their eyes to the heavens
in acts of worship.

Magic or science -
or just something poetic
on a spring morning?

When the sun re...

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He put into words What cannot be put in words. What a poet he was.

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who could have known it?

terrorists taking no stock

would trade in futures


who could have known it?

those towers were autumns bridge

tears coming to fall





                                            A                    R     

                   E                                                                 S

T          T    ...

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