ghazal ( Fibonacci swirl)

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She met him surrounded by dahlias in a Fibonacci swirl

A sure shock to his delicate system in a Fibonacci swirl


She was the fluorescent ghost a-haunting, she was not his cool pale girl

Carbon copy daguerreotype posing with her Fibonacci swirl


Cut her cloth to fool him, stared at mirrors, scared herself, made her hair curl

Tricked him, jilted him and then tomfooled him with her Fibonacci swirl


He saved her from the angry water, rescued her, made his love unfurl

Followed through Italianate graveyards to find her Fibonacci swirl


Cadillacs groove up and down swooping highways in cable cars of pearl

To desolate motels, windows watching in a Fibonacci swirl


Follows to a gallery where art on walls spins into a mad whorl

She mesmerises with her hair of nacre, in its Fibonacci swirl


The nunnery, the spiral stair, his fear, his fever, his life of toil

Ann sees two souls split apart, unwinding the perfect Fibonacci swirl




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Ann Foxglove

Tue 7th Dec 2010 19:48

Thanks guys - but I got it all wrong again! Rhyme in the wrong place. But, hey, so what! ;-)

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John Aikman

Tue 7th Dec 2010 08:14

What a fab idea! Ghazalicious.



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Mon 6th Dec 2010 20:24


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Ann Foxglove

Mon 6th Dec 2010 18:43

Wow! Vertigo - possibly my fave film.

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