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Together for the Love, or out of Habit and Routine?

i dont really understand why i'm still taking up for you when you've hurt me in the worst ways... am i in love with you? or am i just use to you? why the fuck can't i get over you?! i know you don't see me the way i see you anymore..but i stood by you, not seeing eye to eye.. stood by while you got high. i see it in your eyes that i'm not by your side. but without your love how can i possibly surv...

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Gage 2016

It Was Only Me Who Fell

i spent those days i was with you,
falling hard, loving each new thing i'd learn about you...
can't believe i thought you fell too...
but your intentions were never true,
loving me, you just couldn't do...
too bad i fell for it, i'd never even had a clue...
i fell so deeply in love with you, 
although you never loved me too...

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Just Wasn't Meant to Be, Still You Stay Tempting Me

my heads a fuckin mess
my hearts too torn and too tattered
lately my life's been full of stress
everything looking like a disaster

shit keeps fucking with my menty
lately i've been feeling empty
of my love, you always had plenty
and with your promising words, you would always tempt me
but now i see, no matter how badly i wanted it to be,
your love just wasn't meant for me.. 

even thr...

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gage 2016

Growing Seed

we all look for something to ease the pain
whether its being hungry with greed,
or taking a needle to the vein 
we all got something we feel we need,
so we don't drive ourselves insane
praying one day my mind is freed 
but when it thunders, it's gonna rain
just remember with the rain, there comes a growing seed

so just hold on till then - you can maintain
just slow down, get outta that ...

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Drugs Took the "You", Right Outta You...

there's nothing harder to do, than to forget someone you once knew.. someone you loved, and once upon a time, they loved you too.. drugs took that light from your eyes baby - and yeah, sadly they took you too.. constantly chasing that high, hardy able to even get by.. i'd always ask myself why, why does he have to fucking lie? why do you want yourself to die?? why can't you at least fucking try, b...

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no matter how badly you want to be with someone, you cannot make them want you back. either they do, or they don't.. you can get on your hands and feet while kissing the ground they walked on, and they could still hardly pay you any mind, better yet give you the time of day.. love is not something you force, and really not even something to find.. the feeling of love is something that happens with...

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The Peek To Our Rising Downfall

i don't know how you can let me look at you and tell you how you broke me and ruined me and be completely fine.. you say you love me, and that i hurt you, but you don't even care to literally hurt me or emotionally destroy my head. you've shot me in the heart and made the paint on the walls of my soul crack and chip and you sat there and watched as i crumbled into pieces and broke apart with my po...

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What It's Like Looking into the Eyes of Someone who Doesn't love You Back

for you to literally sit in front of a motherfucker and to have blood on you and to be shaking so bad and tears streaming down your face and snot coming out of your nose and spit running out of your mouth with bruises still on your legs and arms from your last encounter and the person you are sitting in front of still not give a damn and still somehow make an excuse for leaving you as though it's ...

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a love that use to be

it went from "i love it when you look at me like that.. come here, you're beautiful." 
all the way to "stop fucking staring at me like that." completely acting brand new
talking in a voice i never knew
you'd cut me off, right out of the blue
you'd forgotten about me, and how to stay true
and i just stood there mouth gaping, not knowing what to do..
that's when i knew i lost you.

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