Growing Seed

we all look for something to ease the pain
whether its being hungry with greed,
or taking a needle to the vein 
we all got something we feel we need,
so we don't drive ourselves insane
praying one day my mind is freed 
but when it thunders, it's gonna rain
just remember with the rain, there comes a growing seed

so just hold on till then - you can maintain
just slow down, get outta that fast lane.. 
you sittin there worried bout that nose bleed,
not even knowing you can still succeed 
there's a chance of healing with no more mental strain
you'll come back so much stronger, as loud as a stampede..

baby boy i see so much more in you, i wish it was easier to explain
so much beauty and power that you already contain.. 
you'll be alright, though, that part is guaranteed
all this growth to come, from one single seed..

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