no matter how badly you want to be with someone, you cannot make them want you back. either they do, or they don't.. you can get on your hands and feet while kissing the ground they walked on, and they could still hardly pay you any mind, better yet give you the time of day.. love is not something you force, and really not even something to find.. the feeling of love is something that happens without physical or trained force, but it does require effort and a want. if someone isn't willing to put in the time of day and get to know your flaws and listen to all you have to say, then they are not the one. love is not only just a feeling, but a strong commitment. some people try to fall into one another, but just don't belong together.. you have to see someone's ugly and the nitty gritty and accept it and love it just as you loved the polish and shine of their soul.. the dark deep and real parts are just as important, if not more so.. you can't make someone fall in love with you. no matter how hard you try, you can't. you may have fallen hard for this person, to the point that the phrase "in love" isn't even a good enough description.. you know all their quirks and their flaws and decided to love every single one of those things. you memorized the lines of their face whenever they laugh or they smile.. you know without even looking where their scars are, their freckles, their birth marks.. you may be in love with someone, completely and utterly lovesick, and they could easily not love you back. and they may never love you back. sadly you cannot make someone want your hurt and pain.. you cannot convince someone to look into your soul and find comfort in the worst parts of you. it may break your heart, multiple times. it may fucking KILL you on the inside.. but it just isn't meant to be. you CANNOT MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU.. but god damn it.. i sure as hell fell so deeply in love with you. i tried all i could to make you love me like you loved her.. but you will never love me like her. its not my fault or what i did, it has to do with you - and you just not having a heart that is for me. so it's time to take back the parts of me that you have, and learn to love myself before falling in love again...

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