Together for the Love, or out of Habit and Routine?

i dont really understand why i'm still taking up for you when you've hurt me in the worst ways... am i in love with you? or am i just use to you? why the fuck can't i get over you?! i know you don't see me the way i see you anymore..but i stood by you, not seeing eye to eye.. stood by while you got high. i see it in your eyes that i'm not by your side. but without your love how can i possibly survive? you made everything feel so right.. so why does it all now feel so wrong? how can i even think of letting this prolong..? i stay up and think of you every night.. if we were never meant to be, why did my love with you feel so right??? we use to be so perfect - but now all we do is fight.

Gage 2016

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