Drugs Took the "You", Right Outta You...

there's nothing harder to do, than to forget someone you once knew.. someone you loved, and once upon a time, they loved you too.. drugs took that light from your eyes baby - and yeah, sadly they took you too.. constantly chasing that high, hardy able to even get by.. i'd always ask myself why, why does he have to fucking lie? why do you want yourself to die?? why can't you at least fucking try, baby, try to be alive.. try to believe, believe in something, more than your pain... please, i'm screaming at you to take that needle out of your vein.. your mind is so beautiful but you lost your soul.. looking for something just to fill that hole - that hole that left a void in your soul.. a broken heart from a broken past.. you grew up much too fast. you had too much tragedy and trauma as a little boy.. now all you worried about is dope and "fuckin up that comma", boy. i wish you could see what it is i see.. all that potential, everything that you could be.. i wish i could put your heart at ease, put your mind to rest, and finally set you free. i love you so much, and you used to love me.. but you lost yourself, and so you lost all ability to care - even about me.. because, you see, how can one love another when they do not even love themselves? and if you find the answer to this, please let me know - before i fucking lose myself, and then i lose control..

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