The Peek To Our Rising Downfall

i don't know how you can let me look at you and tell you how you broke me and ruined me and be completely fine.. you say you love me, and that i hurt you, but you don't even care to literally hurt me or emotionally destroy my head. you've shot me in the heart and made the paint on the walls of my soul crack and chip and you sat there and watched as i crumbled into pieces and broke apart with my poor old broken heart. you stabbed me in the back and pretended to be bleeding to everyone else. you literally fucking make me want to kill you i'm filled with such rage, but even though we are a complete disaster, i came running back to you like you were my master.. nothing and nobody feels as right as you do, but i can't look at you without seeing every lie you told me and every heart aching moment spent wondering where you were or who you were with, what the hell you were doing.. wondering if you were even alive or breathing.. you left me haunted and empty. broken and drowning but nowhere near water just constantly trying to gasp for air when i'm not even in the water... now i'm spending the rest of my days like this. without you, without air, drowning when there isn't even any water near.. our love could make the brightest stars and planets burst with radiant oranges and golden fire,  but our love also able to darken those planets.. sending a chilling wind and a darkness that was pitch black and cold and lonely and broken. all because of a needle. all because of a straw. we lost our love because our addiction was much too strong, and our hearts too broken and too raw.. that was the peak to our rising downfall.

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