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The Peek To Our Rising Downfall

i don't know how you can let me look at you and tell you how you broke me and ruined me and be completely fine.. you say you love me, and that i hurt you, but you don't even care to literally hurt me or emotionally destroy my head. you've shot me in the heart and made the paint on the walls of my soul crack and chip and you sat there and watched as i crumbled into pieces and broke apart with my po...

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downfallgage 2016lovelove failed

fun house

It must be Wednesday

She is wearing the red dress again

The way it hangs from her

Like silk draped on a medical skeleton


its cold outside

we writhe together

like serpents

the fire blazing

inside and out

iggy sings fun house

we are sky high

our lips touch

the sky is golden


She has taken all her posters down

Implanted memories ripped from the wal...

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A Lone Tree Survives

entry picture














A lone tree survives

In Man's greed to make money

Is our own downfall

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