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Ruler of fluids

Moon, silent ruler. 
Everything is drawn to you. 
Everything tells me
I belong to you. 
This piece of a stone, 
A small ball. 
But gravity pulls you
And you pull me
With magnetic ribbons.
Tonight my body is yours, 
Silver master
Of shadows and light. 

©️ By Magical whispers 

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Breathe Again

I step out into the darkness
with the sky lit above me
The orb has reached its full potential 
and I am reminded of the beauty around me
The twinkling above is the same as it’s always been
but much brighter than I’ve allowed myself to see
Somewhere out there under the same sky
you’ve been thinking of me
and I can finally breathe again 

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Full Moon Rebirth

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A bit of witchiness for today's full moon in Aquarius


Your time has come

Your star has risen

All past mistakes

Have now been forgiven

Inspiration and luck

Will surely follow

There's brand new hope

For a brighter tomorrow

You have persevered

The prize is your power

You were once a seed 

Now you're a flower

Be ready & alert

In time with the season


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2019 New moon 17th june

It's 2019 17th of June
tonight we shall welcome this strawberry moon
As we worship your brightness and magical
we manifest beauty and our purest of dreams
heal were needs healing and deep cleanse my
As you do I aknowledge my soul you are freeing
keep me strong in my darkest hour
from highest love frequencies fill me with power
miracles you grant me
blessings and light
heal ...

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today is full moon

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Warm blue glow,

peaceful glimmer on the sea,

seems so calm, this world,

and feels one with gleam.

It's been here millions of years,

today is round, the full Moon,

it's soft and cold blue glare

is balm for souls,

for curing wounds...  



audio file - piano composition 'Full Moon' by Irina Sunrise

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full moon

The Moon In Its Glory

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How beautiful this night is! The Moon appeared in all its glory. The biggest moon, the brightest light Will hide in mystery the love story.   Rose Moon, Full Strawberry Moon Winks at the lovers on Earth Marvelous songs the angels croon. Admire this event is worth.   This amazing and inspiring sight The watchers can tonight enjoy. Supermoon won’t g...

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full moon



I am a coiled spring

in the celestial timepiece,

of the earth, the sun, the moon.

I am a servant of your rotation.


In a silent sky, black as onyx,

I sleep in peace,

but as the clock strikes full moon,

I ache with the restlessness

of a tortured man.


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