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Stainless steel glistens in the gaslight

it cuts through gravity and sinew.

Whitechapel is mine tonight

nobody knows what I will do.


It cuts through gravity and sinew

when you hold it right.

Nobody knows what I will do

If you put up a fight.


When you hold it right

Just one swing and you are through

If you put up a fight

I’ll cut you in two


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Jack the Ripperpantoum

The Down Time


The down time creeps up like old Bolton smog

 soaking into my flesh

and trickling black treacle

that thickens from within the mesh

 of chaos, thoughts, decisions

crossroads and dead ends.

 And before long the gloom of the down time

becomes regular time and time stands still.


When I’m up I smile and glow

Like the summer solstice

but when the do...

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The Membrane of Your Soul


The membrane of your soul is as

fragile as a butterfly’s wing as

delicate as a spider’s web as

beautiful as a swansong as

intricate as a concerto but as

vulnerable as a sonata


as caring as a doting mother as

tender as a lover as

colourful as a paint palette as

defensive as a lion as

protective as a bunker but still,


the membrane of y...

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I am a coiled spring

in the celestial timepiece,

of the earth, the sun, the moon.

I am a servant of your rotation.


In a silent sky, black as onyx,

I sleep in peace,

but as the clock strikes full moon,

I ache with the restlessness

of a tortured man.


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Lycanthropywerewolvessunmoonfull moon

Of Pirates and Poets


As the last drips of rum

slip from glass to lips

I feel the heartache

of pirates and poets.

The anchor is raised on a ship

setting sail for foreign shores,

whilst my glass is raised

and tipped once more.

An empty glass,

an empty bottle;

this is the heartache

of pirates and poets -

to feel the ebb and flow,

to be the empty vessel

on a...

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My Favourite Cup


It takes years of pondering to find the right cup;

the right shape and weight, the pattern, the handle.

It is not just a drinking vessel

It is a portal to a world of relaxation.

Maybe I’m wrong and it is just a cup

but I’d be lost without my favourite.


She has picked me up when I’ve felt alone

even with her chipped rim

she makes the perfect brew.


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You will be mine!


I’ll make you laugh I’ll make you smile

I’ll use my charm I’ll use my style

I’ll give you drinks I’ll get you drunk

you’ll look at me and see a hunk.


We’ll have a meal we’ll have a dance

we’ll dim the light for ambience.

I’ll kiss your lips I’ll kiss your neck

you’ll say to me, “Oh what the heck”.


Forget your worries and your cares

as I race...

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Bright Star


She sat beside me and I was drawn into her orbit-

as if on a collision course.

A satellite, a meteorite, a dust particle,

an insignificant entity - magnetised.

She was my Sun and I, her worshiper.

She warmed me and I basked in her.

Her innocence masked her true potential,

her true identity.

If only she knew what she had done,

what she was capable of,


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