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The Unexpected Ballad of Laura and Ben

Laura and Ben were toddler friends

Born less than a year apart

Kindergarten playground buddies

Inseparable, right from the start


We watched them grow into teenagers

The two spoke as if one, of love and romance

they wanted to take their relationship further,

Give their young adult dalliance a chance


Each family wished them well. 

Their friends were overjoyed.


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Aethereal protégée

Universal consciousness is omnipresent
— living vicariously, we too are one - and the same,
Having the time of our lives
all knowing— enlightened divine sparks
going —Godspeed.

This is a way of life:

Anatomic amino acid building blocks chain letters,
into the complex double helix;
in our initials is a chemical signature—me and my significant other have between us—
this bond, that

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The saga of Abdissa Aga


Suspected of attack
On fascist Graziani
He was in house arrest
As the case was with
Suspects the rest.

A prisoner of war
Then  via Somalia
He was sent to Rome
Found a black lion
If left at home.

Together with
A prison inmate
From Yugoslavia
Called Julio
He made a rope
Out of a blanket
The reason
To descend down
And escape
From a tower prison.

In a show of contempt

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The Forests will Echo with Laughter. Part 3.

The sun was filtering through a gauze of green

and ripples of lustre rolled pearl-like over moss

as if her path lay deep beneath the sea.

The branches overhead 

seemed polished with a gloss


that flung each iridescent spark of light

ricocheting sideways, bud to bud,

before they sprinkled, sharp and diamond white,

to soak into the vibrant

forest’s spongy bed.



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The Forests will Echo with Laughter. Part 2.

Anemones frizzled sparks beneath the trees

and bluebells rippled lakesides in the glades

the day Amelia Hamilton first breezed

into the woodland camp

sequestered in the shade.


Although no one had seen her face before

they felt she had been born to live among them.

Willing to muck-in with all the chores

the new recruit soon proved

more expert than the young men.



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The Forests will Echo with Laughter. Part 1.

The night Amelia Hamilton was born

the caravan was battered by a gale.

Her mother gripped the drop-down bed and scorned

the father who was now

a thousand miles away.


The caravan site owner made it clear 

that babies have to pay their rent as well

so young Amelia passed the next ten years 

in custody of Gran

where none would wish to dwell.


Daily beatings, sma...

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Remembering, Me...Woman Infinite.

Being a woman is not simply belonging to a certain demographic. It is a privilege not to be taken lightly.Being a woman is being an indestructible soldier in a Historic Movement of Epic proportions. Flourishing in the knowledge that you are a part of something so special is utterly gratifying and nothing short of a miracle. An elite member of a Universal Society comprised of The Global Community a...

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WomanFierceWorld changingEpicCommunity


King of the world for my time,
I ruled the world, and in my time
There was no death nor disease
(Except, of course, tooth disease
Which we will conveniently ignore).
My father was the sun, and I was
A simple farmer believing in the
Old ways before I met my destiny.
The creator of all things came to me,
And called me to be a prophet.
He asked me to spread his words,
To make his religion,...

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YimaTooth diseaseimmortalitygodsprophethusbandmanancientdiseaseepiccreator

God The Banana

I've now published my epic verse-novel God The Banana. It's available in print on Amazon & on Kindle at

I posted the first two of the 437-sonnet story here a few weeks ago.  This is how it continues:


Many thousand sticks of incense smoulder

blueing the gloomy hall within t...

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The Prophet Of Amanga

I've published a new ebook, and you can get it for free at

It's the first part of a trilogy called God The Banana, an epic verse-novel written as a sequence of 437 sonnets. Here's the first one:


Picture a diamond spinning against the dark,
flinging back the brilliance of a sun.
Move a little closer - you’ll be stunned
how lakes and oceans ...

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Once in a land faraway

Once in land far away
Was a woman 
she knelt to pray
She prayed for a child who could be
The key to a new dawn of ages

The baby was conceived
Naturally of course
By union of bodies 
By lustful souls
The scrolls foretold the child would grow to be
A pawn in the game of prophecy

A peacemaker
A son of the goddess 
Most high
Her diamond ,glowing  bright in the sky
But there would be...

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Land farawayalienpoetpoemstorypoetryepicfinale

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