Aethereal protégée

Universal consciousness is omnipresent
— living vicariously, we too are one - and the same,
Having the time of our lives
all knowing— enlightened divine sparks
going —Godspeed.

This is a way of life:

Anatomic amino acid building blocks chain letters,
into the complex double helix;
in our initials is a chemical signature—me and my significant other have between us—
this bond, that
she and I named,
The “twinflame” affinity

Today’s date is increasingly anticipated.
by the same time next year...
we will be barely able to contain the excitement - as a bundle of joy:
your birth marks the highest form of creation and gestation, an immaculate conception…

after you asked for my last name first,
without a second thought,
I answered, Yes!

By the way…
we do—indeed
finish each other’s sentences.

through the medium of our shared ups and downs:
during mercury retrograde;
with the sun rise in the eastern sky, searching for brighter days.
— They say ancient civilizations
far and wide -
would attune their light work —
and cross three planes of existence,
… to illuminate,
The dark side of the moon

as an A-lister AKA the who’s who,
Of too cool for your school—board of education:
world renowned - all around
class act (and always ready understudy)

Plan it
take your time to make up your mind: collagen of itself…
for skin, hair, & nails is “au naturel”
to any — good
proper — cosmetologist

the aura glows so bright,
my pupil, I can see your soul,
full of beauty

— this larger than life
reimagined foretelling
of a girl who has it all —

A birthday wish,
- brought into existence,
the same day you were given gifts.
what is it that you’ve wished for?


◄ Illustrious Demiurge


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