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I may not know,
Owning triumph by betrayal
But I know I emerge triumphant,
whenever I am myself and not someone else. 
I know I emerge triumphant, when I don't assassinate my principles for the triumph of my greed. 
And that I emerge triumphant, when I walk my way myself, with my wholesome faith in my creator, rather than expecting support from a mortal being.

It is largely true, that the world cares for success. And there's nothing wrong when people say, victory in life's battlefield isn't easy and never without sacrifices.
But I know that I am triumphant, whenever I refuse to sacrifice my soul for success.
That I am triumphant whenever I find bliss even in loneliness, when it's hard to find someone who accepts me as I am.
And that I am certainly triumphant when I deny the worldly pleasures to preserve the trust of my loved ones.

How I wish the world would care for honest triumphs...?

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