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Cold Flint Makes Fire

smiles so rare for her

not a welcoming face

fear in pale grey eyes

of warmth not a trace


appearances can fool

no semblance of fire

that beneath the skin

makes the mask a liar


stumbled into tinder

my chimney smoking

horned into bonfires

deception is stoking


inner magma outed

slow magnetic glow

mechanic love only

imagination can sow



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cold flintfirelusttinderbonfiresmagmaholocaustcoalsfacade

Back Story

epics very scurrilous

but I took them all in,

crazy tales of passion

made mine seem thin


lovers by the dozen,

flights to every shore,

my ups and downs

a comparative bore


the facade collapsed,

your name's phoney,

landlord dropped by

called you Miss Toni


you talk up love but I

know not who you are,

little Miss Nobody or

exotic wandering sta...

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back storytalespassionloversfacadetruthslanerfairy-tales

The Conscience You Never Had

That inner limb was lacking

A sense of right and wrong

Like a pane without glass

A melody without a song


You possessed virtues of sorts,

Were, not by any means, all bad,

Yet I remember you only for

The conscience you never had


Fissures materialised where

The inner self was displayed

Skeletons in your cupboard

Facade aside, were betrayed


Good times...

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A poetic justice

He took his wife
A punching bag
He is at liberty to hug
Or to blow up steam
By her hairs to drag.

As it may sound sad
He opted to project
A doting husband facade.

When she became vocal
About this
To his parents
Who she called
Mom and dad
"We do not expect
Our well brought up
Son with
Something underhand!"

"We are afraid
The complaint is not
Plausible as he has
A cool head...

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Compulsive Manipulation

The monster digs it's claws in tight
I can't escape it, with all my might
I want to run away or hide
But today, with you, I stand to fight
The dark won't win, only light

I can feel the thread, moving my limbs
Like a puppeteer is pulling the strings
I see myself saying and doing these things
As the pied pipers' flute continues to sing

The voices that speak so clearly to me
Try to chan...

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Compulsive liarcompulsive manipulationcontroldeceptionfacadeknow when to walkliesmanipulationmental gamesmind gamesnot all actions require a reactionpuppeteerreactionstrengthwalk away


How frail, in truth,

is the world that we tread?

Captains and kings

claiming calm sea’s ahead

as they’re riding high

upon their silver spoons

laughing, as below

the world withers too soon.


How thin the membrane

of life’s brittle bubbles,

building our barriers

and avoiding all troubles.

Do we wonder at the reasons;

do we hide or protect

as we inch to t...

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