A tryst with self

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Ages ago, God got bored. 

He may have wanted some thrill,

And he created what we call human beings today.

Centuries went by and God realised

He'd spoiled his creation with excessive liberty.

And to me it seems that the world we live in today,

May be the most spoilt edition of us. 

The biggest gift God could give us-

-While he created the world; was conscience.

And that's something meant to be carried along,

In each of our ventures.

Existence is beautiful, humans.

But existing in complete oblivion of self may not be.

Living separately from what ought to be the humans' most priced possession,

Is not beautiful.

Let's make the world lively again,

Let's have a tryst with self.


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Mahira Pamnani

Mon 6th Dec 2021 13:42

Thank you Mr. Gospage and Mr. Newberry for your encouraging comments. And thank you for reading my posts too?

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 5th Dec 2021 16:33

Liberty is fundamental to human happiness but should not be confused with selfishness or irresponsibility. This poem makes a good point.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 5th Dec 2021 13:17

These lines are applicable to us all in our journey through life and
certainly worth presenting here to remind us of the way a healthy
conscience can regulate our universal existence for the better.

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