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Don't be a sheep in a goat's age

A sheep and a goat once
Got locked in a fracas

“Off you go!
Don't you know
You are an embodiment
For an idiot!
How dare you trample
On the leaf down
From the stem of an apple
That dangle
And which I was apt
To cut and eat.

I really hate
A sheepish creature of your sort
With alacrity to a dictate
Going to an altar is whose fate
And that no offense on others inflict
Or none contradict.

A wet -blanket
A kill-joy
Or for the witty
A good toy!”   said the goat.

Dismayed and sad
The sheep replied

“In a futile bid
To satisfy your greed
With your horn blind
You scratched my feet
And began your complaint
To hoot.

Watch also what
You talk about
On doomsday
The likes of me stand
By the right of
The presiding judge
Jesus Christ.
While the likes of you
Cast to the left
Your lot
You shall lament.

An embodiment
of the devil
Indulge in all evil
It is your wont
Oft to rebel
Also snobbish, than
Labor fault in others to identify
Why don't you try
To see the bar
In your eye?

Horny got, I also wonder
How come you care not
Your private part to cover!

You must not
Also forget
It is the addle-pate
Who are prone all to manipulate
And  call the poor- folk- in -Christ
An imbecile or
An idiot.

'Don't be a sheep in a goat's age
Is what is encapsulated
In today's adage,
You and I
Will never ever be
On the same page!

An Ethiopian
Will never ever
Change his skin,take note
Nor could a sheep be a goat!”


◄ Newton Fourth Law

Think before you ink! ►


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