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Wax-Covered Communication

I tried to save you from the world,
but I was too slow.
I tried to put up walls for you.
In places you didn't even know.
But now I'm sitting by myself,
while you're out there on your own.
Wax-covered communication.
On the telephone.


I tried to save the world from you.
The light says to go.
I hope you crash into the wall,
that I built to help you grow.
I am surrounded by my boys.

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Blood Promise

today the feet inside my boots
all twenty-four inches
felt warm and liquid
floating so much I had to check
they weren’t leaking
tonight after badly juggling a
glass’s kitchen descent
the shards sang in G♯
and now they leaked

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My Blade, My Life (by Mel)


My Blade, My Life (by Mel)
With trembling hands, she reaches for her blade. She tells herself it will be the last time.
She tells herself this every time.
She never succeeded before, but will just have to now.
With the blade in her hand, she breaks out into a cold sweat.
She starts shivering and her heart beats faster.
She thrives on these feelings,
she tells herself she mus...

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