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hanging there its waiting

each and every little part

dangling just on the edge

the avalanche in my heart


snow melted has frozen,

stones skitter on a rink,

quick to rip and tumble

before I can even think


waiting at a precipice

crawling ever nearer

my fate in your hands

kismet never clearer


further descent of snow

dead weight on icy rock

I can...

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Lil Ray of Sunshine

Lil Ray of Sunshine

Yeah it's been longer than a minute,
so i gotta let this go,
everything that i've kept in,
these words ready to flow.
As much as i speak,
little did you ever know,
that this lil ray of sunshine turned into a pitchblack soul.
I remember a few years ago I preached a lot,
I had some words of wisdom so I shared my thoughts.
I preached about loyalty , respect and gangsta...

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Southern comfort was there on tap

and while her husband was at work

we shared the usual prevarication,

the evening and the feelings

began to stir, an open invitation.


In the tiny upstairs room

her walls began to open up

a honeydew, a silky cup.

My tongue was like a questing snail,

out of its shell

a horny tale.


The main course followed

Southern comfort...

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A Hell Turned Paradise

My beloved
I always remember
Once my soul
Had taken a ride
On  a marital-bliss river
Jubilant nothing or no one
Could put us asunder.

But after I learnt
You have sown mistrust
On the fertile ground
Of my heart
When you cheated on me
Wilfully letting
A cherished corner
To a lover another
The quite donning
Ecstasy's river
Which I happily
Used to ride
Had taken leave
For ever

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riddle me this fatman

riddle me this fatman

I must not grieve my silences
while choosing not to breathe lies into them

yet because you feel you are owed a poem
my education, which has only been borrowed,
must make the arguments promised of a bullet
more compelling than Neruda could even know


linked through bitterness, to
deluge the starving with the busy
decorum of disastrous diligence
you may, if ...

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MMMM (For all you shortlinists)





Bed test

Bliss rest


Hand felt


Hand dealt

Heart melt.

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