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May 17, 2019; 11:21pm

I find myself wanting to call you

A lot more often than I should

Considering the fact that I ended it

I miss you dearly

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break-uppoetryi miss youmaywriter

February 4, 2029; 7:39pm

Idk, I wish someone could feel how I feel

I wish that I didn’t feel as if the world should feel the dam about to break underneath the skin of my face

I wish that everyone I lock eyes with could see the “help me” sign being waved inside my lens

I wish that the ground shook when I shattered in pieces to cry an ugly cry heard by no one

I wish that when I wiped my eyes, the earth would sin...

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Jan 8,2019; 11:22am

My sides burn

Like eyes are burning into every cell of it

Between my eyebrows are tense

In an unknown anger

My stomach has ghost peppers

Riding a looping roller coaster

Through a gang of butterflies

My back has cracked so many times

That each pop adds another insecurity

Into the polluted puddle of muscle in my skull

My eyes are tired

Tired of holding the tears that...

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Untimed and untitled

My warmth stems from my heart

Without it

My shell will freeze

My fingers crystalize

Mu skin will stiffen like glass

Heavy vibrations

And suddenly

The earth beneath me will crack

Then finally


My heart is the sun

And I am the universe

That orbits around it

She works hard

Works overtime

Any and every shift

Until the sun and moon say their goodby...

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