I'll Bet You'll Start Loving Me?

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{I'll Bet You'll Start Loving Me?}



One day I'll bet you'll 

start loving me when I

start loving someone 

else which isn't you 



But you had that

chance but you chose

someone else to love

besides me 



One day I'll bet you'll 

start  loving me when 

you see I am better

without you 



But you chose her

and not me 



But as I bet you

thought the grass 

was greener on the

other side but it was

merely dying as I

forever let you go now 

because I have someone

else to love which is a

million times better than

you because I've cried a 

million times over you

wetting my pillowslips

without you next to me 

but I'm better now

without you 



But you can keep your

bitch over there that

is staring a hole

straight through me

because I will bet one

day you'll be needing

and loving me but at

that time I will no

longer need you

and your love 


Because I have a

finally found someone

else to love which

loves me more than

you ever could 



And when you start

loving me I'll be loving

someone else 





©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved/ One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer March 9,2018

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