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Bless me Father, for I have sinned...
Its been a hell of a long time since my last confession here!

As always with blog posts, it bes a while between them. I call them my "confessions" as it normally sums up what I have been doing in the while before them.


So, for the past year, we have had a number of poetry readings in Tullamore and thereabouts with theTullamore Rhymers Club that I am part of, and have kept the Writings in Rhyme website updated with new posts, with some surpirising ones being more popular than others.

As a writer it is of intrest to see some verse you though average hitting a chord, and others you put your heart and soul into not meeting the level of intrest you thought would be considering the effort you put into it.

So, below, I link to a few posts of topical intrest

Current Affairs - the Sino - Philippine conflict

Away from the worlds passing focus on Ukraine, Palestine and Syria, a simmering conflict is gathering pace in the West Philippine Sea. I reflect on it in my verse "A War We Do Not See", among other poems that capture the current state of the conflict.

Writers, Egos and Ethics

Some writers tend to lose the focus of why they write when opportunity presents itself to become established and / or be accepted by the mainstream. Verse from active conflicts with writers and others in support of writers who events are hijacked by slaves to their own ego (Fred Johnstone being edged out of Cúirt which he founded, and of late Gene Barrys trouble in Fermoy), often have roots in personal feuds, or the most reprehensible source of all, politics!  

Every writer has their opinions on issues of the day, and in a counter current to what is popular on the pro-life / pro-choice debate, I am, though left wing, pro life. In the world of arts and politics, and where they cross, this has brought no end of grief, especially with a writer who used it to get at another writer in a personal fued with the aforementioned Mr Johnstone. The writer in question, who we will refer to as Poet Biggins, is something according to himself as a dry wit, and is working the poetry circuit on that basis, using political connections with a fantastic campaigning TD (MP) whose Achilles Heel is a loyalty beyond common sense to males of dubious character.

All very cryptic, but sure it has been keeping me busy over the past while!

Video Poetry

I have taken quite an intrest in the field of producing short animations of my poems in videopoems, and hope to incorporate proper "live recorded" video footage into them, unlike previous ones which are presentations more than films as such. Poems such as "Give to me an Angry Sea", "As Alone As The Moon", "The Courtly Lovers" and "Flying Over Europe" shall be added to in the coming months.


As with confessions, it can be a while between them no matter how good ones intentions, and in that vein I sign off in the hope of not sinning too much before the next one, which may or may not be in the forseeable future! So, to keep up to date, keep an eye on the Writings In Rhyme website!

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Ged the Poet

Tue 22nd Jul 2014 19:22

Tomas - thank you very much for the links in your Blog. A great 'heads up' on 'A War we do Not See' with so much potential for further escalation. Really enjoyed all your Video Poetry.. especially 'Give to me an Angry Sea'.
Writings in Rhyme is a superb website. Great stuff.

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