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this could be Anytown
so long as there’s a KFC
a Poundshop
and bookie
this could be Anytown
where kids stay inside
on Playstations
and hide
this could be Anytown
where all the pubs are closing
because folk stay in
this could be Anytown
where the only things that change
are the traffic lights
and pizza range
this could be Anytown
where strange fruit hangs from trees
plastic bags
of dog faeces
this could be Anytown
abandoned shopping malls
nowhere to hang out
with your pals.
this could be Anytown
where churches are debased
and food banks
take their place
this could be Anytown
where no one dare go out
because of
city centre louts
this could be Anytown
of coffee cup litter
and they wonder
why we’re bitter
this could be Anytown
where policies of austerity
mean hopelessness
and misery

this could be Anytown

this is Yourtown

austeritydeclinederelict city centresfoodbankspoundshopsrun down

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Steve Higgins

Thu 20th Feb 2014 12:12

sad but true in so many places
best wishes,

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Laura Taylor

Tue 18th Feb 2014 09:28

Aye - tis grim up North! Well observed, this. It reminds me of one I wrote about my own little part of the world. I actually took some photos of it too - it's not a pleasant experience bobbing down our shops:


Slip into the sprinkle of a drizzle-filled day
Plastic bag crisp in hand, aiming for the shops
Feet to floor
Pavement pound
Carry on
Past the step
yellow tread
bearing Bulmers: lippy-stained
halfway drained
Pavement decorated in
a strange shade of sick

J’arrive at ‘The Parade’!
The Mean Street of Thatto Heath
Stench of piss and pizza
wraps itself around my mouth
as I kick along the papers
that cradled last night’s chips
Pit-shaved grinning princess,
billboarded, looks down
From within her perma-tan, she oozes
Blinding me with bleachy teeth and peachy poreless face

I hope to fuck my DNA does not contain that kind of clean

Feet to floor
Pavement pound
Past the bus stop;
betting shop;
fag shop; tat shop;
takeaway; SALON;
takeaway; TANNING;
takeaway, takeaway;
‘health advice for minor conditions’ -
free inside the pharmacy

There’s no water in the fridges of the takeaway shops
And I didn’t want pop. They looked at me weird.
Social pariah, for wanting water.

Feet to floor
Pavement pound
Homeward bound
Past the salon
Chip fat alley
Tan tat fag bet bus
Ministering pharmacist
Past the step
yellow tread
Bulmers gone
Small red shoe there now instead
… wonder who..?
Tiny tatty lone red shoe
Torn too. Wonder if she’s..?
Nearly home
Nearly there
Rid my mouth of piss and murk
Home from hell on earth
a walk to the shops
and a musing or four
And then I recall
I forgot
I went for

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Mon 17th Feb 2014 19:13

Nice one Ian, I know this town very well indeed.


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David Blake

Mon 17th Feb 2014 15:24

Nice one Ian. Thankfully my old own home town tried to stay free of the chain-store malady, with a lot of nice small independent outlets that rode through the recession well. Sadly now though it looks like it's about to be swamped by supermarkets and travelodges.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sun 16th Feb 2014 20:51

spooky!we blogged similar type of poem using exactly the same picture.

Title-'By horizons divided'
5th March 2012...spooky eh?

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