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Entropy Song

The Union man gets up to say that rights he fought for day by day

Are quickly being snatched away. Hurrah the Union man!

He’s calling out to you and me to show some solidarity

And march beside the TUC. Defend the Union man!


The low paid worker makes a plea to call upon our sympathy.

The state affords him subsidy to make a living wage.

When public jobs are privatised the man up top will get a rise,

For showing his great enterprise. Efficiency’s the rage.

They tell us it’s austerity that cuts the wage to you and me;

While others grow in luxury and put us on the dole.

But I say this is entropy. It takes apart society,

When public services can be so cheaply bought and sold.


Our public servants pride themselves on being so professional

They train and monitor, to tell the standards they maintain.

When public jobs are privatised experience is not well prized,

Redundancy as enterprise throws standards down the drain.

And I say this is entropy when public services decay

It’s less for more, for you and me when profit is the aim.


The middle class have much to lose. It takes a lot to light their fuse.

The safer option they will choose if choice is in their hands.

When public services are squeezed and public servants try to please

The stress will bring them to their knees, and no-one understands.

And I say this is entropy that takes such toll of you and me

It takes apart society for profit in the hand.


The folk who show such enterprise and carry off the public prize

Take care with cunning and with lies to hide their loot away.

While you and I must pay our tax, the laws that hold the rich are lax,

The profit hides behind their backs. No profit made, they say.

So nothing fills the public purse, to pay the teacher and the nurse.

Austerity, the modern curse, is forced on you and me.

It’s all a massive Ponzi scheme to rob the future of its dreams

And make the present day, it seems, an age of entropy.



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 13th Apr 2013 16:05

Are you psychic - that this poem just preceded Margaret Thatcher's death? And then it was open season on such poems. I enjoyed the military beat - could hear the bootfalls and the rattling drum.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 4th Apr 2013 09:49

Wonderful - love the use of 'entropy', and this piece is very close to my heart

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 2nd Apr 2013 13:57

I second what John says about your rhyming.(I don`t usually agree with with deleting punctuation - but this would`ve worked easily with just the full `runs` so well)

I`m fascinated by your highlighting of the word word entropy` (and the dual mechanical/sociological implications of the word itself...for instance: a stay-at-home mother is not available for work but is vitally essential to society...also the tendency for whatever system to inherently collapse. For instance: Communism, and our latest Capitalist sally.)

For me-as a Christian-the word also recalls all I ever learned about not putting my faith in systems.

A good one, directed to the brain also.

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Julian (Admin)

Tue 2nd Apr 2013 11:35

To misquote Kenneth Williams: Entropy, entropy, we've all got it: entropy!

Get that damned fuse lit someone, anyone!

Extremely well crafted Freda.

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 2nd Apr 2013 00:53

Aye, a wonderfully crafted write Freda, thoroughly enjoyed your poem and your message too.. :)

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John Coopey

Mon 1st Apr 2013 23:11

Love the form, Freda.
I appreciate the skill which goes into saying what you want when you have accented syllables to manage along with rhymes.
I'm not normally a great lover of political poetry (I can't help letting the politics get in the way of the verse) but thoroughly enjoyed this.

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