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Halls of my Mind

I’ve been walking up and down the halls of my mind

Studying the library of our conversations

Searching through the labyrinth of your actions

[Trying to find the course of their meaning]

You left my maddened mind without answers

Knowing its potential to psycho analyze and deconstruct every moment

To find some comfort in a resolution


A scientist studying the natural disaste...

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Can't be all sad

some need to be glad

Lots of poems about

aches and sorrows

Got to have some hopes

for tomorrows


Variety is the spice of life

Humor is reality

turned inside out

Got to shout out

happy words


or your life becomes 



Yes there is plenty

needed change

many things need 

to be rearranged 


But on...

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I've became so mad at myself for giving in

To what I want

Thinking it would be the greatest time

In my life

But oh no

What a dissappointment

I should have walked away

For you, to play a game that you hate being played.

Play in on me and my heart

Just to get the saticifaction of your unhealthy habit

Like you enjoy living in your dark habitat.

Like an animal holding ...

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£10 POEM


£10 POEM

Things got too far after I had 2 cans at home and three pints in various pubs.                                                           

Five pints in the pub made me merry.                                                                                                               

So when a dickhead in a light blue denim shirt opened the door of our car I was like...

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danceover exubaranceripped shirtmad£108/1/12






I know a guy who works in the power station shovelling coal into the big fat hungry generator to light up the local towns and cities with the light we all take for granted.

In his spare time he likes to dress as a snail and be spanked with a large alloy-spanking paddle till his snail shell is black and blue. He once nailed his bollox to a board an...

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Nutty Squirrel

This squirrel is crunchy nuts

like Kellogs.

He's oats so crazy.


He makes Hammy look

placid, docile.

And with a cheeky smile

wrecks havoc on Hampshire.


It'll take more than a New Forest

to stop this rabid squirrel.

He subjugates snails

and bullies badgers.


Bonkers, he th...

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McFlurry Saved the Day


McFlurry was the beast
that preyed on the
old ogre of a day
spent too long
in lectures & humidity

Across the river
of the campus jungle
McFlurry crouched
and pounced upon
the grizzly weariness -

ripping it to shreds
with creamy razor teeth
& cookies & cream claws
as we ended yet
another uni day


Disclaimer: This is not a...

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