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It runs in my family
I thought I was lucky
That the gene had skipped me
But I was wrong
It's not a substance I cannot give up
It's you I am addicted to

Years went by
And the fire that once raged
Was nothing but a barely glowing ember
I thought I was done
That I was in the clear
But I found you again
And the feeling is creeping back in
The weight on my heart
I feel it with every breath
Thoughts of you are never far
I dream of touching you
Just once more

It's too complicated now
There are so many others
Tangled in our web
It wouldn't be insignificant
The disaster we could spread
So I keep my distance
I try to bury you behind the walls of my heart
What can come of this?

I feel torn at times
Caught between my desire
And what I already have
Moments when all I want is you
Any way I can have you
Even if it's from afar
In stolen moments and messages
Just a little bit
To take the edge off

But I fear the more I have of you
The more I will want of you
It's a nagging thought
I try to ignore
But the truth is
I know it will happen
One day I will want more
Because you are like a drug
And I come from a long line of addicts

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