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To Love Is To Die

A love so fierce,

has taken ahold of me,

that ‘I’ is no more.

My form, my soul,

is now entangled with hers.

Where do I end and where does she begin?

I now only exist,

as an extension of her.

When my name leaves mouths,

I pray for it to always

be accompanied by hers.

Whenever she is in my vicinity,

it feels as if I could ascend into infinity.


To love her,

means to die.

I have never felt as alive,

as when I died for her.

To love her means to be buried

and ascent to all that’s heavenly.

Death grants one peace,

as does she to me.

Let me surrender myself to her,

as I would surrender myself to Death.

Let this mortal body of mine,

ascend and submit to divinity.

Let me love her.


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